The coating system is vitally important for the longevity of timber windows and doors and their appearance.

A coating system for wooden windows and doors is required to serve three broad purposes:

  • Provide an attractive colouring and surface finish to the product.
  • To prevent UV and visible light damage to the timber surface.
  • To slow down the rate at which moisture is absorbed and released from the timber.

Our advanced coating system

P – Preparation: Softwood is first treated in a boron preservative, penetrating deep into the timber allowing us to give a 30 year guarantee against decay. The natural characteristics of hardwood timbers mean this treatment is not required

1 – Basecoat: The product is deluged in a basecoat, which penetrates the timber, providing protection against moisture penetration and UV radiation. This also provides a large amount of the colour pigmentation for translucent finishes.

We apply a first spray coat with special properties for protecting the timber and regulating its moisture, as well as providing an excellent surface for the adhesion of the top coat.

3 – Spray Top Coat: On an opaque finish we apply the top coat as the required colour, whereas a translucent system has a second application of the primary spray coat.

Colour Options

We can provide almost any opaque or translucent colour, all we require is a RAL Standard, RAL Design, Natural Colour System (NCS) or British Standard (BS 4800) colour or an actual sample. Ask for our Coating System Guarantee brochure.