Creating a Feature Staircase

For years, staircases have been used as prominent design features in homes. Centuries ago, they were seen in large mansions and palaces, curling grandly up from expansive lobbies and usually incorporating some kind of marble. You probably know the ones we’re talking about. But, as times have moved on, so have staircases. Now, a feature staircase is not a luxury for only the incredibly rich; they can be incorporated into any home. Here’s how you can craft your own…

Know your Budget

The first thing you need to consider is your budget. Think realistically of what you are willing to spend, allowing some wiggle-room for any extras you may not plan for. You should always be prepared!

Consider your Space

You also need to have a good idea of how much room your staircase can take up and consider the rest of your décor. What kind of size will fit your room? How will it work with what you already have? Of course, if you’re completely re-furbishing a room you have a little more freedom to plan around the staircase, but if not you should be aware of your space.

Material Choices

Timber, oak, walnut; we have a whole range of materials at Wood and Wisdom for you to choose from for your timber staircases in Sussex. Consider both the stairs and the handrail. Most people do choose the same material for both, but you don’t actually have to – you could use contrasting materials for a unique look. You should also consider what wood you already have around your stairs and in your home so that your staircase blends with the rest of your décor, and think also of that budget you put in place earlier. You can only buy what you can afford!

Design Factors

Do you want a traditional, straight-up-and-down staircase, or perhaps spiral steps are more up your street? A spiral staircase can actually be great in smaller spaces and adds a little bit of a quirky design. You also need to consider your balustrades, carving details, the distance between each bar on your handrail and whether you even want a handrail at all! You can go traditional or modern, ornate or minimal – the choices are endless!

Get Inspired

If you’re struggling to get your creative juices flowing or perhaps don’t really know quite what you want, it can always be useful to look for inspiration. Search ‘Feature staircase’ into a search engine and take a browse through the images. Places like Pinterest and Houzz can also be great sources of unique ideas. Pick up some home magazines, too, which will be filled with designs that you can take inspiration from.

At Wood and Wisdom, we specialise in creating bespoke spiral staircases from the finest materials, though we can also create pretty much any type of staircase you want! Whether you’re looking for traditional timber staircases in Sussex or something more modern, we’ll get it done. If you’ve got an idea in mind, or perhaps need help developing your ideal feature staircase, start chatting to our team of experts today.