Garden Fish: Which Types Are Best?

Homeowners looking into having timber garden bridges installed should also spare some thought as to what kind of flora and fauna they’d like to have in their gardens as well. A garden bridge is the perfect opportunity to have a watercourse of some sort running through the yard – and what better way to complete the design project than by bringing in some wildlife as well?

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Creating a Feature Staircase

For years, staircases have been used as prominent design features in homes. Centuries ago, they were seen in large mansions and palaces, curling grandly up from expansive lobbies and usually incorporating some kind of marble. You probably know the ones we’re talking about. But, as times have moved on, so have staircases. Now, a feature staircase is not a luxury for only the incredibly rich; they can be incorporated into any home. Here’s how you can craft your own…

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Ways to Save Money in a Period Home

Period homes are among the most beautiful styles of property you can buy. From the high, sweeping ceilings to the beautifully laid brick-work and the ornate little details that we don’t see on modern properties, it’s hard to deny their appeal. However, traditional period homes weren’t built in a time where energy saving and the environment were so much of a big issue. So how do you cut down on heating bills and slash electricity prices in your period home?

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How to Clean External Windows and Door Frames Correctly


Regular maintenance of your windows and doors clean doesn’t take much effort but it can save you money in the long term while increasing your property’s curb-appeal! A key and easy part of the maintenance is keeping them clean. Here’s our advice on how to clean everything from aluminium Crittall-style doors  to casement windows in Sussex.

Cleaning Products

If you’re using a commercial cleaner to do the job, make sure you do your research. Ensure it’s compatible with your window and door materials and also any varnish or paint that’s been added or you could end up with a bit of disaster! If you’re worried, a homemade cleaner is usually the safest option and just as effective. For most windows and doors, a little detergent mixed with warm water does the trick, and an added teaspoon of baking soda can be used as well. For glass windows, substitute the baking soda for a few tablespoons of white vinegar to remove smears and marks. Aluminium frames such as those on our aluminium Crittall-styles doors can sometimes need something stronger like white spirit to get rid of a build-up of grime.

Cleaning Doors and Frames

Before going in with your cleaning solution, give your doors and window frames a wipe down with a dry, soft cloth. This’ll help to prevent dust and dirt from causing muddy streaks when you add water, which you really don’t want! Then, soak a sponge in your cleaning solution and gently wipe away all the remaining dirt and marks before drying with a clean cloth. If you have any metal fixtures, be sure you clean these too with their recommended cleaners. For windows such as our casement windows in Sussex, be sure to get into all the little nooks and crannies where dirt can build up over time.

Cleaning Glass

When cleaning your glass, aim to do it when the weather is warm but overcast with no wind. This’ll help to stop your solution from drying too quickly and leaving unsightly streaks behind. When you have those perfect conditions, use a spray bottle to spray your cleaner over your windows before using a cloth or non-abrasive scrubber to clean away marks. Rinse with water and use a dry microfibre cloth or squeegee to dry your windows. Make sure you clean both sides for the best results and don’t be afraid to repeat the process for maximum shine!

Why to Avoid Pressure Washing

We at Wood and Wisdom aren’t big on using pressure washers as they can so easily cause damage, particularly to our timber window frames and doors. This is because you just can’t fully control them. Though some may come with pressure and temperature adjustments, that still doesn’t account for distance and how long you focus on a particular spot. Before you know it, you could have caused permanent damage to your timber! We believe a gentle hand will have much better results and help your windows to last, even if it does take a little longer.

If you have any questions about how to look after your doors and window frames, please contact us at Wood and Wisdom on 01444 819 127. We’re always happy to help!

The Wisdom of Wood

Exclusive design and best quality materials. We can make your vision and dreams come true when you build your ideal home with us!

Making a house into a home can be a long process. If you can imagine how you want your place to look, it’s certain that the craftsmen at Balcombe’s Wood and Wisdom will be able to make your dream a reality.

I went along to their 5,000 square foot joinery workshop, accompanied by Adam King and Mark Scarff who run the company, to see how completely bespoke joinery can transform a design into something completely unique that will last indefinitely. “Many manufacturers tend to specialize but we do everything” Mark told me, “customers only have to deal with one company.” After 10 years in business, Wood and Wisdom has gained a superb reputation for premier architectural joinery including doors, windows, bespoke kitchens, gates and staircases. Windows can be constructed to echo a specific period with the advantage of double glazing and draught sealing and can be sprayed with a three coat finish in any colour. A bespoke designed external door can create a grand or classic entrance while internal doors can extend the style through to the living areas. The kitchen is where bespoke joinery really comes into its own; whether fully fitted, freestanding, classic Shaker style or hi-gloss contemporary, the choice is limitless and can transform a tired kitchen into the central hub of the home.

Bespoke joinery instantly creates character in a home. There are few features so magnificent as a sweeping spiral staircase and Adam showed me a recent example that effortlessly combined elegance with understated cool. Rooms that bridge the space between inside and out are another speciality. Stunning orangeries incorporating roof lights and folding doors create added space while making a grand visual statement. Craftsmanship is not confined to the house. Gates to gardens and drives gather every part of a property together and create coherence in detail and style. The company is also creating a portfolio of Victorian verandas, elegant carports and simple glass rooms in powder coated aluminium that help to extend the ambience of the house into its surroundings.

Many happy clients have written of their pleasure in such high quality workmanship. One mentioned how they were “absolutely delighted with the outcome” while another noticed how Wood and Wisdom are “very reliable, always delivering on time and on budget” while being “extremely knowledgeable and helpful.” Mark told me how they can transform a client’s ideas or sketches and help create a home that is completely individual while remaining functional, practical and beautiful. A showroom above the workshop is in the process of being designed. Clients will be able to see, touch and experience the difference that bespoke joinery can bring to a home.

Your home is where you can fully express your dreams, personality and character; Wood and Wisdom can work with you to make the utmost of your personal space.

Benefits of Aluminium Windows


If you’re on the hunt for a new set of windows, there are a lot of frame options you can go for. From the style to materials, there’s just so much choice nowadays! To help you out, we here at Wood and Wisdom want to give the low-down on our aluminium doors and windows and tell you why they may just be your perfect choice. So, without further ado, let’s get into it…

1) Thermal Efficiency

Aluminium window frames can improve heat retention in your home, reducing the amount of heat lost by up to 60% compared to PVCu. That’s pretty impressive. Think of the amount you’ll save on heating bills! Not to mention how toasty your home will be even when the weather outside is less than favourable.

2) Design Options

Aluminium is a pretty versatile material, meaning you can have a bit of fun when designing your window frames. You can go for styles such as aluminium art deco windows to reflect your personal taste and the style of your house, and pick from a huge variety of glass options and finishes

3) Environmentally Friendly

In an age where we must be conscious about our impact on the world around us, you’ll be happy to hear that aluminium windows are environmentally friendly. Not only do their thermal advantages work to reduce your carbon footprint, but it’s also a very sustainable material; thanks to its ease of recyclability. It’s good to know you’re being kind to mother nature when picking your windows, isn’t it?

4) Low Maintenance

Aluminium windows are incredibly easy to maintain, which is great for all of us leading busy lives! They won’t swell or crack and are corrosion resistant with the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. You can basically just give them a little wash every now and then and they’ll be good to go!

5) Affordable

After all of those benefits, you might be wondering what the prices of these wondrous windows looks like – it’s got to be expensive, hasn’t it? Surprisingly, no! Aluminium windows are actually quite competitive in comparison so you won’t have to pay out a small fortune for all their perks. Great!

At Wood and Wisdom, we supply and install  aluminium windows in Sussex. All of our windows are made to the highest quality and we offer a range of styles including aluminium art deco windows, so you don’t have to look anywhere else! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – we’re always happy to help.

Why Purchase Oak Windows?

As designers, manufacturers and installers of casement windows in Sussex, we at Wood and Wisdom are big fans of oak windows. There’s some hesitation when it comes to purchasing oak windows (which seems very strange to us) and people don’t really know a lot about them besides their disadvantages. There’s actually a lot more to oak windows than people think, so we thought we’d help out by showing you just why they’re the best choice.

The Look

Now, obviously, oak windows have a huge aesthetic appeal. They look great in traditional and modern houses, adding that cosy touch that we all crave in a home, and can also be stained or painted to suit you and your surroundings. In terms of appearance, it doesn’t get better much than an oak window.


Something that’s less thought about but is becoming more and more of an issue is the sustainability and environmental impact of the materials we use. Oak is a renewable source unlike its man-made alternatives, making it instantly more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Compared to plastics, oak windows are the saviours of the environment. Being eco-friendly is something we should all consciously be thinking about in our day-to-day lives, and that doesn’t stop at windows!

Natural Insulators

The fact that oak is a natural insulator surely makes it perfect for windows! Having oak windows will help to keep your home nice and toasty, whilst reducing both your carbon emissions and your heating bills. This is definitely something to consider if the slightly higher price of oak is putting you off. It’s an investment and every time you pay less on heating, the price of those windows goes down.

Long Lasting

Oak windows can last for an incredibly long time (a lifetime!) as long as they’re looked after properly. Again, this reduces the cost in the long run as you’re not going to have to replace them in ten or twenty years’ time. Everyone knows how annoying it is to install new windows so if you can avoid it, do so!


Contrary to what a lot of people think, maintenance of oak windows isn’t actually hard. As long as you weatherproof them and keep them in good condition, you’re not going to have much work on your hands at all! Besides, that tiny bit of maintenance is worth all those benefits, isn’t it?

Wood and Wisdom provide a range of products, including oak casement windows and sash windows Sussex. For tips and advice on timber windows, doors and orangeries or bespoke kitchens or conservatories, please call us on 01444 819 127.